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How to Use the AI

Talk with Tara:

Ask any question related to mental health and well-being and converse with her as you would anyone else. She is meant to help you with mental health or well-being challenges you may have. You will notice a list of threads you may have created using this app in the left pane of your screen. You may return to a thread to continue the conversation with all prior information retained for further guidance. Or you can start a new thread with Tara to discuss a completely different topic.


Words of Affirmation:

Select one or more categories from the menu and click Next to generate your affirmation and accompanying image. Be patient, as completing the task may take a few seconds. Once the affirmation is displayed, click Next to answer whether or not you want to text the affirmation (image not included) to yourself. Lastly, click Next again to edit and download your affirmation and image. 


Note on generating AI images:

Every so often, the generation tool, Dall-E-3 in this case, will attempt to add words inside the AI image. As of this writing, the ability to spell those words correctly inside the image is not quite there yet, but it is quickly improving. 


Create Music Playlist:

Choose whether you want to create your playlist by music genre or mental health category. You can select one or more options to generate your playlist in each case. The music curator will provide a ten-song list, including each song's mental health and well-being benefits.


Although Tara has been trained to possess a deep understanding and education in mental health and well-being, she is not meant to replace traditional therapy or counseling, and has been trained to suggest such services as well as more urgent care when appropriate. Feel free to ask Tara how she can support you.


The app will collect counts on the menu items selected for words of affirmation and music playlist. This is for analysis purposes only. No user information will be captured, only that an item was selected. This data can be used later to improve the AI and modify options. 

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