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Blogging like its 2009 ~ Innovating with AI Like It's 2029

Hello, my name is Kevin. Welcome to my site. Among my many roles, responsibilities, and irresponsibilities, I am a devoted husband, loving father, and more than ecstatic grandfather. As of this post, I have spent over 32 years as a husband, another 31 as a father, and a tad over five years as a grandfather; that's a combined 594,048 hours practicing those roles—give or take, depending on leap years, when you read this, and your thoughts on how to count the hours when I raised two children at the same time or after each left the house to live her own life. 


Why does my math matter? In his best-selling book Outliers, the journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell states that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice to master a given field. I have approximately 280,000 hours logged each as husband and father, so I qualify as a master parent and master husband many times over, according to Outliers. Also, according to Outliers, I would have reached husband mastery approximately two months after my first wedding anniversary and expertise level in fatherhood when my first child turned 14 months old. Not only was I not a master at parenting and marriage 14 months into each, but I am still not. Plenty might even say I never graduated from my probationary period.                                


Be that as it may, the primary purpose of my site is to share adventures as a husband, father, and grandfather. Sometimes, I might give advice, while other times, I will write as a cry for help, but mainly, I will provide an opportunity to laugh or shed a tear—and not only for me. I will also explore experiences outside of those roles. I spent 40 years in information technology (IT), have lived in several places in the US, maintained a few long-term hobbies, and made some significant blunders that might be worth mentioning. You know, for educational purposes. I'm now exploring the fascinating world of AI development and recently obtained an AI development certification from MindStudio. I plan to share my projects and overall AI journey as well.

I’m here to play the fool as defined by Ethan Hawke in his excellent Ted Talk on creativity—see the video below.


Anything else you'd like to know about me, please ask. I would be happy to fill in the blanks. I hope you enjoy my site. Thanks for stopping by.

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