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You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for...Reading

Dear Lilo,

Many of my letters will pass along some supposed wisdom, describe how something works or doesn’t work, or possibly make fun of your Mother. This particular letter lets you know that sometimes you will teach me. It happened today when I read a book to you. I don’t remember the particular book, but it makes no difference. No matter the genre or format, you scream loudly and happily when anyone reads to you. I witnessed this beautiful outburst while your mother and father read to you. Today, I tried for myself, and you didn’t disappoint. You listened intently while I read a page and looked up to show the page to you. As if on cue, you screamed in delight. It’s the cutest—and loudest—thing, and I hope you do it for the rest of your life. Although it may cause you some trouble past the age of four or five, the world would be better if you always expressed how much you enjoyed reading a book or being read to when that’s the case. We should all do it. Don’t be alarmed if one day you see me on the back porch, in my rocker, reading a good book if I don’t scream in delight. Please back me on this, and don’t let them take me away. Also, we may have a tough time trying this in a public library.

Much love,



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