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Welcome to my site! As I move on from a fulfilling 40-year career in IT, I'm excited to share stories from my life with you—covering my roles as a husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, friend, corporate denizen, and none of the above. Alongside these stories, I'll delve into my newfound interest in AI, including my recent achievement of becoming a certified AI Developer. Come along as we navigate through my life's adventures and professional endeavors. I appreciate your visit!

Guy on Subway, NY

"I have never read anything so moving, so inspirational, and so funny...did i get that right? Can I have my five dollars, please?"

Mom, CA

"I'm sure whatever you write will be brilliant and change the world. When are you visiting again? You never come to see me anymore."

Anonymous, NY and VT

“I read his stuff. How could I not read it? He shoves it down our throats every chance he gets. It's decent enough, though.”
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